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Symposium on Biotransformations for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry has been organized biennially since 2014. It is a scientific event where specialists from many branches of broadly understood biotransformation can meet.
The symposium initially spun from the EU project "Biotransformations useful in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries", coordinated by the Wrocław University of Technology. However, it quickly evolved into an international meeting, with the participation of recognized global authorities in biotransformation. We aim to transform the biannual Symposium on Biotransformations into a conference integrating the Central European academic community with biotechnological and chemical industry representatives.
The sixth edition of the conference, which will be held in Kraków on June 17-21, 2024, is an excellent opportunity to meet representatives of academia, scientific institutions and industry and to discuss the latest trends in biotransformation processes, as well as prospects for the future in this field. The discussion will cover many aspects of biotransformations, including the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food industries. As in the previous edition, the scope of the conference will be expanded by biotransformations in environmental protection. The submitted research material will be assessed by the Scientific Committee, which will ensure a high professional level.
This year the conference meeting, which will take place on 17-19.06.2024, will be accompanied by Bioprocessing Workshop (19-21.06.2024). The Workshop will take place on the installation of ICSC PAS demonstration biorefinery and is primarily addressed to young scientists from academia and industry who want to be trained in technical scale bioprocess (at 200 L scale). The due to safety precautions, the number of participants in the Workshop will be limited to 20 people.

The major topics to be addressed are:

  • Enzymatic and chemoenzymatic reactions
  • Whole-cell biotransformations
  • Cascade processes
  • Green Chemistry
  • Sustainable industrial processes, biorefinery and bioeconomy
  • Bioprocess engineering and enzyme application
  • Structure-function analysis and enzyme optimization
  • Computational analysis for enzyme discovery and design


Bioprocessing Workshop (19-21.06.2024).

During the Workshop, which will last over two days, a process for microbial fermentation will be demonstrated to the participants. The main aim is to familiarize the users with the scale-up of a heterologous expression microbial-based fermentation process from flask to 200 L operation volume. During the training, participants will learn how to:
Track 1 – scale a bioprocess from a shake flask to a 200 L volume fermentor.
Track 2 – set up a 5L high cell density fermentation process in two parallel 5 L fermenters.
The users will learn how to prepare media, set up bioreactors of different scales (5 L, 30 L and 200 L working volume), sterilize the vessels in situ and ex-situ, and set up and operate a semi-industrial continuous flow centrifuge. The training will include a short introduction lecture to both tracks and hands-on experience with all experimental work. The maximum number of participants is limited to 10 persons per group (20 people in total).




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